Why this website?

Consider the following: 

watchoutinvestors.com is a national web-based registry covering entities including companies and intermediaries and, wherever available the persons associated with such entities, who have been indicted for an economic default and/or for non-compliance of laws/guidelines and/or who are no longer in the specified activity. This information which is presently disorganized, difficult-to-use and is spread across a large number of sources i.e. websites, databases, publications, notifications and orders of the government and of other organizations, agencies, courts of law, tribunals and commissions, has been aggregated, indexed, standardised ,reformatted and re-presented in a form and manner that can be accessed in a user friendly manner. 

watchoutinvestors.com enables investors to do a fast, efficient and user-friendly search and provides them with the information on such entities/persons which they can use:

The search results are provided in a simple tabular format. For each entry, the reason for the action and the action taken by the regulatory body is provided in a summary form.

For each entry, the source document is attached, wherever available or identified to enable verification and full details.

watchoutinvestors.com is also an information resource for the regulators, intermediaries, corporates and foreign investors.

watchoutinvestors.com is also used by the media to create or add value to their reporting.