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Rebuttal Filing for Listed Entities/Persons


If you would like to file your rebuttal or point of view or suggest any change or inform about any further developments that have taken place with reference to your existing entry on this website, please use this form.

Before you file here, please be informed that the information provided on this website has been sourced from various regulatory authorities, such as SEBI, RBI etc and from some other credible organizations and the source of each information is set out clearly on this website. You would agree that due to the inherent hazards of errors during aggregation of information from the aforesaid websites/sources, watchoutinvestors.com does not warrant the accuracy or reliability of information made available on this website. You are therefore requested to verify the information from the concerned source. In order to obtain a redressal, we suggest that you should contact the concerned organization and ask them to notify the changes.

However, if you still wish to file your view with us, which you should do by providing us with the necessary evidence/documents, we shall be forwarding your letter and the supporting documents to the concerned organization for necessary information. Our responsibility is limited to informing the concerned organization and carrying out any corrections only upon hearing from them. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility to ensure that any action on your response shall be taken by the concerned organization or by us.

In the meantime, we shall, if reasonable, publish your response on our website against your entry (after making any amendments limited to removal of any inappropriate language and not any change of content or meaning). However, the decision to do so shall entirely rest with us. watchoutinvestors.com shall be under no obligation to give any reasons for non publication or the manner of publication of your response.

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